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This week Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced his plans to outlaw graffiti. The Prime Minister hopes to take well-precedented steps toward forbidding citizens to write on public buildings without permission. The new law would make defacing historical monuments punishable by €30,000 ($38, 871), as well as 40 days in prison.

Berlusconi says he wants to make graffiti punishable by fines or prison time "because in some of our cities, it looks like we’re in Africa rather than Europe." Considering Italy has spent years dealing with a massive trash problem that's caused a toxic stench and piles of refuge in Naples, maybe the graffiti makes Italy look like . . . Italy.

In addition to cleaning unwanted art off the street, yesterday the Italian government faced tens of thousands of school workers who marched through Rome to protest school reforms. In Florence, 100 students stopped trains by occupying the tracks. One high school student said, "We are so many people, and if we can't change anything then it means this is a form of dictatorship." A dictatorship that cleans up graffiti!


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