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Best Beach Reads

Your 7 Beach-Read Recommendations

From classic literature to chick lit to science fiction, you responded with a wide range of reads when I asked what your favorite Summer books were. Here are seven of your favorites.

  1. Heart of the Matter: TrèsSugar readers BJC and skigurl are fawning over Emily Giffin and her most recent book, Heart of the Matter. I think I need to read it!
  2. Harry Potter series: "I used to read again every Harry Potter book each Summer," says French Kiss.
  3. Anything Hemingway: "Green Hills of Africa if I just want something fun, For Whom the Bell Tolls if I want something deep and romantic," says Betty Wayne. "Perfect for the beach because the surf drowns everything out and you can really focus on the little details."
  4. The Alchemist: Sundown321 reads it every Summer. "I am always fascinated by that book and the great feeling I get after reading it. And there is no better place than the beach for a read like that!"
  5. Marion Zimmer Bradley: I don't know why but Marion Zimmer Bradley's books are very good to read at the beach," says Fifaxita. "The Avalon series is great, followed by the Fall of Atlantis and my favourite, which I have read 5 times now, The Firebrand."
  6. Dandelion Wine: Chidley reads Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine "every Summer."
  7. Summer Sisters: Both skigurl and lizette417 nominate Judy Blume's more grownup novel Summer Sisters, and any other chick lit you can find.

Do you have any to add?

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felixtherat1 felixtherat1 6 years
I would eat some raisin and oatmeal cookies and drink a gallon of Nestles water.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 6 years
I haven't read Summer Sisters since high school, but that's a great pick! On a trip to Miami a couple weeks ago, I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on the beach. It's a good beach read as well - suspenseful and easy to follow.
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