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Best Bridesmaids Movie Moments

10 Women-Only Comedy Moments in Bridesmaids

We saw Bridesmaids this week, and we laughed at the raunchy jokes, teared up at the tender friendship moments, and aww-ed at the too-cute love interest enough to give this flick two thumbs up. Cowritten and starring one of our favorite SNL funny ladies Kristen Wiig, the comedy centers around Kristen's downtrodden character, Annie, and the upcoming nuptials of her best friend, Lillian (played by SNL alum Maya Rudolph). As a lone female-driven comedy in a sea of male-dominated flicks, Bridesmaids has a lot riding on its shoulders as the movie to pave the way for funny films about women for women. So we were curious, what jokes and situations would we see in a comedy with a female cast that would never fly in a boys-only comedy? Here are 10 moments from the movie you won't see in The Hangover II. Semispoilers ahead!

  1. Penis-in-the-face jokes: Early on in the film, Annie mimics the "avoid the penis" move by moving her face side to side — a joke only a woman would laugh at, and not to be confused with the demeaning blow job jokes found in male comedies.
  2. Girlfriend jealousy: There's constant tension between Annie and Helen (Rose Byrne) over who's the better friend to Lillian, a scenario any girl, young or old, can relate to. The painful back-and-forth engagement party speech may make guys cringe, but only the ladies in the audience have known how it feels to be passed over by a girlfriend.
  3. Period cramps: When Annie's boss tells her that her face looks like she has menstrual cramps, women laughed, men got awkward. Period references in male comedies are few and far between (save Superbad), and definitely not specific.
  4. Tennis ball to the boob: We've seen the baseball, basketball, golf ball, etc. hit another type of balls, but have you seen a tennis ball hit boobs before? And multiple times, too. Ouch.
  5. Birth control pills: A scene in the trailer that was cut from the movie showed the little son of Annie's blind date eating one of her birth control pills. This kind of scenario isn't likely to show up in a guy comedy.
  6. Shameless puppies: Women love puppies; just ask anyone at Sugar HQ who has been devoted to puppy cam for the past month. So when a good chunk of the end of the movie incorporates furry little golden lab puppies squirming and just being adorable, you can bet that it was eye candy for the gals watching.
  7. Assh*le bleaching: Luckily, we don't see it happen, but Lillian has it done behind the scenes (no pun intended), and it doesn't strike me as a male-friendly joke.
  8. Wilson Phillips reference: I won't give anything away, but there are several Wilson Phillips references in the movie. And, true story, my fiancé turned to me and asked, "Who's Wilson Phillips?" I was shocked. Um, "Hold On" is only one of the greatest early-'90s songs of all time! Clearly, this is something only women who grew up in the '80s and '90s would understand.
  9. Unshaven leg joke: At one point Annie's hilarious British roommate Brynn pats her leg and comments on it being prickly. Ah, yes, we've all been there. Hey, you don't show your legs much in San Francisco!
  10. Frenemies: I thought the movie showed the reality of how girlfriend relationships are complicated, something guys don't quite get. Even though Annie and Helen don't like each other, they don't fight and make up like male friends do in real life and in movies. Instead, they do what we all have a tendency to do as women: say passive-aggressive things that hide our real feelings and put on a fake smile to keep the peace. Annie tries, unsuccessfully, to hold it together for the sake of the bride and her relationships with the other girls, which any female who's dealt with drama has experienced. It's not always healthy to keep our feelings hidden, but it's a reality the film portrays well.
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