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Best Foreign Accent

What's Your Favorite Foreign Accent?

Say something in another language. Anything. It doesn't matter. It's always hot.

Accents have a downside, though. Regardless of the language, and general hotness of the speaker, people perceive foreigners with accents as less trustworthy. They're harder to understand, which creates work for the listener, and a bad rap for the speaker. I'd say not knowing what's being said is what makes them so sexy! Why be bored with reality?

We asked you what you thought the sexiest accent was, and I've rounded up your answers. Some of you said Mexican and Russian, and a lot of you said French and English.

What'll it be for you? The lilt of the Irish? The debonair French? Or another language altogether.

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zeze zeze 7 years
Basically all English-language based accents are hot to me...British, Scottish, Australian, South African, sometimes not Irish though... ...but especially British! Seriously, a British guy would have me acting like a 13 year old at a Bieber concert. French sounds like peppi lepew (sp?) so no. Spain/Italian sounds too much like a Middle Eastern accent and having personal experience with people with that accent in real life just kills the fantasies - you know that not everyone with the accent is fail.
25toLife 25toLife 7 years
My boyfriend is South African, and oh my gosh, he has the moostt adorable accent. <3 but I am one of the only people who can understand him, because he talks really quick and has a heavy accent, haha. :)
frumpydarling frumpydarling 7 years
Scottish accents make me melt. I actually get speechless whenever I hear a Scottish accent, even a fake one! They're just so yummy! I think the French accent is definitely overrated.
zuke zuke 7 years
Irish, all the way. I recently met an Irishman and just looooovvveeeddd talking to him. Spanish accents are pretty awesome, too.
Aisling1331 Aisling1331 7 years
Irish, absolutely. But then Irish men are totally fun and adorable over all.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Japanese... lol. god, i looooove men with strong Japanese accents.
gd101 gd101 7 years
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
sofalove, there is such thing as a Mexican accent. They speak Spanish, but pronounce the language in a way that is unique to their country. Just like American Southerners and Bostonians both speak American English, but in different accents. "Accent" does not refer the language as a whole, but rather to the different manners of pronunciation of a general language. It is very ignorant to say that because you are a Californian, you know that there is no difference between a Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Mexican accent because you cannot tell a difference in the way people from those countries speak. I'm sure that someone actually from Puerto Rico or Mexico would be able to point out the differences between the accents of the Spanish-speaking countries in which they are native. This survey isn't large enough to include every single accent that exists, so out of Spanish-speaking nations, Mexico and Spain are the options included. Similarly, there are quite a few English-speaking countries around the world, but not every single accent within the English language was represented in the survey. Only Australian and British. It doesn't mean the survey is ignorant of the various accents from around the world, it just doesn't have the room to include every accent on the planet.
kea718 kea718 7 years
Living in Miami for 20+ years (most of my life) I've encountered many "spanish" accents. Not al hispanics have the same accent. I can easily spot an Argentinian vs. a Columbian vs. a Cuban vs. a Mexican.... Even more so when they're actually speaking English. Argentinian accents seem to be the most recognizable for me. If you think everybody with a "spanish" accent or "Mexican" accent sound the same than you need to either a) get your ears checked or b) interact with more people from different hispanic backgrounds... On that note, I'm a pretty big fan of the so-called "spanish" accent.
sofalove sofalove 7 years
ok cleary your not from california because every mexican i meet that has a "accent" has the same "accent" as any other spanish speaking person whether or not they are from Mexico...Puerto Rico...Colombia...Ecuador if thats the case...where is the puerto rican accent...or the Colombian accent on the list.... all im just saying is to not classify "mexican" as an accent... its like when a white person says " oh they speak mexican"....uh no they speak spanish.... get it right
kels19 kels19 7 years
people who speak spanish in different places around the world develop distinct accents, so there is such thing as a mexican accent, which my boyfriend has. i wish it was irish, though
sofalove sofalove 7 years
ok mexican is NOT an accent it is a race....... mexican's speak SPANISH..... wow.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
Isn't Gerald Butler Scottish?
amber512 amber512 7 years
I agree with TammyO, it depends on who's doing the talking!
chequettex chequettex 7 years
I'm assuming they specified "British" because Americans speak English and while most people would recognize that an "English accent" is from across the pond, it might not be clear to everyone.
elramos elramos 7 years
Toss up between australian and british. But I do agree with a poster above, it depends on who's talking.
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