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What's Your Best Kept Secret?

I paid a kid $10 to make me a fake report card after a particularly fun final quarter of my junior year in high school. I had to drive to his house in the woods and feign interest in his ambitious and varied snake collection while he scanned my report card and did the dirty work. To this day, my parents do not know, so it was my best kept secret. Until now!

Other than brief but meticulous Internet stalking, I can't think of any secrets I've kept from boyfriends. But one woman confessed to the Daily Mail her now well-known secret: she kept a bank account from her husband.

Whether it's a tale you kept from your family, friends, or a boyfriend, log out and spill your best-kept secret. We'll keep it!

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Venus1 Venus1 7 years
I keep my bi side secret from most of my family (except my sister) and my work colleagues. Purely because it makes life simpler and not because I have a problem with it
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
About myself? No way in hell I'm telling. About other people? Too many to count.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
i like the fake report card! gutsy, lol. i sent a b-day card to a guy i liked in high school, signed his then girlfriend's name. it was really raunchy and he freaked out at the "john and lisa 4+ever!" in a heart. he broke up with her over it. she was devastated. for about 2 weeks. then she moved on to the next guy.
stephley stephley 7 years
I can't think of any secrets that I have - I tend to have an 'I did it, take it or leave it' attitude toward the things I do and other people's reactions.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I don't know that I have a real secret anymore. At least one person knows pretty much everything.
French-Kiss French-Kiss 7 years
The one i have, i'll keep it as long as i can, and it's the same since several years XD
Pistil Pistil 7 years
I don't think I have one. My best kept secrets are the ones I forgot about.
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