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Sex and the Summer: 8 Places to Cool Down With Hot Sex

Monday I asked for the best place you'd ever had sex when the weather was hot. Lots of you agreed that woods were impractical, but bodies of water and trampolines seem to be completely doable.

Now that another warm weekend is here, here are your suggestions.

  1. On a hotel balcony
  2. A dock at night
  3. Back of a pickup
  4. Trampoline
  5. On a boat
  6. In some A/C
  7. Pool
  8. Ocean

Any more?

Image Source: Thinkstock
merie33 merie33 7 years
yeahh I agree chaton.. the thought of the pool and ocean grosses me out
chatondeneige chatondeneige 7 years
I hate to be the Emma Pillsbury of the group and bring the post down, but some of those are *so* unsanitary. You can screw up the pH of your lady bits in the ocean or pool!
graldi19 graldi19 7 years
my latest spot was in a gazebo on a golf course where i work (don't worry- all of the golfers were done for the day!)
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