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Beyaz Birth Control Contains Folate

New Birth Control Pill Contains Pregnancy Vitamins

The FDA approved a new birth control this Fall that's identical to Yaz (made by the same company) with one difference: it contains folate, the prenatal must have for "women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant."

It's called Beyaz, which sounds like a verb or a SFW way to write b*tch. Putting prenatal vitamins in birth control makes perfect sense from a public health standpoint. The Center for Disease Control estimates half of all pregnancies in the US are unplanned (though only 20 percent of those women are on the pill), and 50 to 70 percent of neural tube birth defects could be prevented if women took folate.

So while this all sounds great, a big step forward for women not planning their pregnancies, it doesn't particularly instill my confidence as a consumer. How do you feel about taking a pill prepared to fail?

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