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Pricey Perfume, a Snowmobile, and Other Unexpected Splurge-y Gifts

For her 31st birthday, Jessica Simpson received a $15,000 Birkin bag from fiancé Eric Johnson. While many of us probably don't own purses that cost as much as a car, I was curious about what your most over-the-top present was. We asked our Facebook fans what was the most extravagant gift they received, and some of the answers were pretty unexpected. See them below!

  • "One-quarter ounce of perfume that cost $450." — Beth
  • "Snowmobile! Love it!" — Lisa
  • "My Canon Rebel T1i from my parents. They have gotten me a lot of really nice things over the years, but that is one of the most extravagant!" — Kirstin
  • "I am not one to like extravagant things, but the best gift I received has to be a beautiful Disney Dooney and Bourke Tote my husband bought me for my 21st birthday!! I adore it!" — Ariana
  • "My Kitchenaid mixer, I LOVE it!!" — Rebecca
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GZO GZO 6 years
As a receiver, I do prefer thoughtful to expensive... but if the gift happens to be both, I have no problem with it! But I agree with amber512: buy something expensive only if you can afford it! Please don't make me feel bad that you can't pay a bill because you bought me a _____. As a giver, I only really have the "thoughtful" option at this stage in my life!
amber512 amber512 6 years
It really depends on if the person can really afford it! I would hate to have someone go into debt just to buy me a present.
sillyone06 sillyone06 6 years
I think this really depends on the person. It's really nice to receive one maybe every other year or every few years, or super important milestones. However, I think getting one every year is a bit much. I'd be really concerned that said gift giver was spending way too much on me unnecessarily. But I think it's nice to give one for as a Christmas/birthday gift once in a while. It's nice to make people happy. I remember we got my mom the first gen iPod. It was really expensive at the time. My mom was totally upset that we bought it for her, but she loved that thing. It was worth the money to me.
nikkisoda nikkisoda 6 years
I have gotten a Chanel purse for 2 of our 6 Anniversaries. My favorite gifts! And as much as I may think I would want one every year, I do not think they would be as special. Extravagant gifts are great when they are unexpected. When they are constantly being gifted to you they are suddenly not so special anymore.
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