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Big Love Season 5 Premiere

Big Love Wives: Will They Stay or Will They Go?

The thread that holds Big Love together is its characters, and their way of life always teeters on falling apart. As the final season opened last night that was more true then ever (spoilers, ahoy!).

The Henricksons are out of the plural marriage closet and are riding out the press storm by camping in the desert. When they finally return to town, Margene loses her QVC-like business (fired for violating the "morality" clause) and is devastated, Barb is experimenting with red wine and telling Bill she doesn't think she needs him anymore, and Nicki wants him all to herself. We've already toyed with the men of Big Love, so now we've predicted what will become of its women below.

  • Barb: She's at once the most and least likely to leave. She reluctantly entered into polygamy after 20 years of monogamous marriage because ovarian cancer left her infertile. It's never been the marriage she signed up for, but more than any character she's bound by duty. Yes, she's drinking alcohol for probably the first time ever, but she could barely swallow it. And like that wine, she's always had trouble swallowing her new life but always has.
  • Nicki: Watching Nicki ditch her compound garb and cut her hair has been my favorite, woefully underplayed storyline, and now Nicki wants Bill all to herself. But does she really want Bill to herself or monogamy? I'm torn, but if her character continues growing in the direction it has since episode one then she'll be the one to leave.
  • Margene: She's gone from a lost, young woman, scarred by a difficult childhood and desperate to be a part of something — basically what cults eat for lunch — to a successful businesswoman with a voice as third wife. But now she's lost her job, and her independence is about to be challenged with a "multilevel network marketing" business opportunity (i.e. Ponzi scheme), which husband Bill will surely bail her out of. And there's nothing like money to keep a person in the family.

For the first time, the character I am most interested in is Bill, and how he plans to navigate his new role as a state senator with absolutely no support. If anything should happen, it's that all three wives should leave him, but the show's called Big Love not My Big, Fat Polygamist Divorce. It's always been about love conquering all, and I can't imagine it ending on any other note.

How do you think it will end?

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