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Big Words For Bad Dates

5 Big Words For Bad Dates

Yesterday the New York Times After the Deadline blog posted the 50 most looked-up words so far this year. The words were as informative as omertà (conspiracy of silence, like when gang members refuse to rat each other out) and as surprising, in a sad way, as ubiquitous. Isn't the word ubiquitous?

But where can we take these words? On a bad date. Or maybe to a breakup afterparty? Here are five words from the 50 most looked-up words to get to know if there's someone you want to talk about, fancily.

  1. Hubris: Exaggerated pride or self-confidence. Arrogance. His hubris took up a lot of room, enough for her to leave it.Baldenfreude: Coined by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, baldenfruede is schadenfreude (reveling in others' misfortune) directed at bald people. In other words, taking pleasure in another man's baldness. Her new blog, Bald Exes Dine Alone, was pure baldenfruede and unsurprisingly viral.
  2. Solipsistic: A theory holding that the self is the only existent thing. Extreme egocentrism. His solipsistic self-view was magnetic — to himself anyway.
  3. Desultory: Disappointing progress, performance, or quality. It was a desultory early finish for him, but even more for her.
  4. Jejune: It may be an animated little word, but it actually means empty or dull. He was polite and appropriate — so jejune she left.

Anyone want to try a sentence? It's like psych 101 mixed with seventh grade English!

Source: Flickr User Chocolate Geek

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leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 7 years
a great collection of words, but it pains me that so many NYT readers had to look up overhaul
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