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Blackberry Envy

Dear Sugar,
My man is constantly on his Blackberry. He's always e-mailing people or playing some kind of Tetris game. He's obsessed with trying to break his own high score. It really bothers me. He can't part with his Blackberry and he's so protective of it, that I can't help but wonder if he's hiding something from me. What makes me even more sensitive is that my friend found out that her boyfriend of 8 years was cheating on her through e-mail. I know that trust is really important in any relationship, but my nosiness is getting the best of me. He won't even let me have a peek at it and I'm bugging. He says that based on principle, I need to learn to respect his privacy. It's making me nervous. I mean, didn't just recently Heather Locklear catch Richie cheating on her over e-mail? I've tried to talk to him about it, but I'll never get what I want. How can I learn to trust him without feeling like a complete jealous freak? Nosy Nelly

Dear Nosy Nelly
If you ain't got trust, you ain't got nuthin'. But I do hear what you are saying. If your friend just found out that her hubby cheated over e-mail and at the same time the Heather/Richie scandal breaks, it could get any rational thinker wondering about what her own man's up to. What you have to remember is that these guys aren't your guy - and projecting your insecurities onto him really isn't fair. But at the same time, being in a loving relationship means having to be open and honest, and he is acting oddly protective of his Blackberry. He sounds a little adolescent; so I can see where your curiosity is coming from. So here's a suggestion; propose a half hour swap session. He gets free reign to look at your e-mail and you have access to the enigmatic Blackberry. It's only fair.

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