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A museum exhibit featuring poker-playing and football-throwing cadavers too boring for you? How about corpses displayed to look like they're having sex?

Body Worlds — a traveling exhibition of preserved, skinless, and posed corpses whose muscles and organs are visible — is proposing an exhibit for next year that shows cadavers posed in sex positions. Of the exhibit, Body Worlds' creative director Angelina Whalley said, "It's not my intention to show certain sexual poses. My goal is really to show the anatomy and the function."

Gunther von Hagens, Whalley's husband and Body Worlds' developer and promoter, treats the corpses using a technique he invented called "plastination," which is supposed to remove water from the bodies and preserve them with a silicon rubber or epoxy resin. (Perhaps this technique had not yet been perfected in 2005, when viewers of one exhibit in San Francisco complained of corpses oozing fluid.)


Although Body Worlds has been viewed by more than 27 million people all over the world, it has its detractors. Many human rights groups are worried about the ethics of displaying "donated" cadavers from countries like China with records of horrible human rights abuses. Von Hagens admitted to 20/20 reporters that he had to destroy some corpses he'd gotten from China because the injuries on their bodies suggested they'd been executed. Although Von Hagens and Whalley argue that Body Worlds exhibits are educational, others have called it a ghoulish peep show.

Would you want to see this upcoming sex exhibit? What do you think about the Body Worlds shows?

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