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Bombs Kill More Than 20 in Pakistan

Headline: Two Bombs Kill 20 in Pakistan

Massive suicide bombs killed at least 24 and wounded more than 200 when two separate suicide blasts ripped through a seven-story police headquarters and a house today. The attacks served to deepen Pakistan's mounting security crisis.

The explosions detonated about 15 minutes apart in different districts of the city of Lahore. They caused major damage to the Federal Investigation Agency building, exploding just as staffers were beginning their work day.

According to police, both blasts were suicide attacks. Authorities count at least seven suicide attacks in the three weeks since the Feb. 18 vote. The political party of Nawaz Sharif, the junior counterpart of the incoming coalition government, blamed military operations ordered by US-backed President Pervez Musharraf for instability in the country and called for him to resign. A party spokesman said, ''[Musharraf] has carried out indiscriminate operations in the tribal areas that have opened up new fault lines in Pakistani society.''

Just yesterday, Musharraf reinforced his intention not to step down. Do you think he should?


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