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Book Bag: Ann Rule's Stranger Beside Me

Book Bag: Ann Rule's Stranger Beside Me

As more information comes out about alleged Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff's predelictions (for gambling, answering ads for casual sex with men, collecting souvenirs from his victims), one can only feel for his fiancée and family who must be blindsided by what has happened.

His fiancée has publicly offered her support, saying that she still loves him and that, "What has been portrayed and leaked to the media is not the Philip Markoff that I know." Maybe the media's portrayal is based on faulty police information — or maybe this case reminds us that we sometimes don't really know the people we feel closest to. To find out what true crime book the Craigslist Killer case reminds me of,

The Markoff case brought to mind crime writer Ann Rule's memoir The Stranger Beside Me, about her friendship with serial killer Ted Bundy who was executed in 1989 for murdering three women.

A crime reporter at the time, Rule worked alongside Bundy at a crisis hotline center and was friends with the man people described as handsome, intelligent, and likeable (as many sociopaths are).

Rule discusses their parallel lives — hers as a crime reporter, his as a serial killer — and what it felt like when her friend, she discovered, was a sadistic, cunning sociopath who may have killed as many as 100 women. This chilling account reveals the toll such people have on the innocent friends and family who are left behind to puzzle at who their loved one really was.

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jessy777 jessy777 8 years
Also, I am not saying that Phillip Markoff is a serial murder as there is no evidence of more victims. Although in my opinion I wouldn't rule out the possibility based on some of the information I have read about his profile. Or even that he is guilty as that hasn't been confirmed either.
jessy777 jessy777 8 years
It is similar in terms of "killer profile". There is an assumption that someone who will murder another individual has to be a certain type of person. Crazy, unbalanced, unemployed and friendless. This is rarely the case in instances of serial murder. They are people who seem totally average and normal. They can be described as charismatic, kind or generous people. That is how it is similar. Ted Bundy had a degree in psychology and was briefly enrolled in law school. These are not statistics one thinks of when they see a killer. They think of Charles Manson or Jeffery Dahmer who people described as strange or withdrawn. This case involves an accused person who had future hopes of being a doctor. That is how they are similar. Not every killer caught is a surprise to the people who knew them. Sometimes it is a case of when they would be caught. These are two instances where individuals were living totally separate lives cleverly hidden from the people around them. It is also similar to BTK killer Dennis Rader.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
This case is nothing like the bundy case at all. I dont get the comparison. Every killer has people who were close to them and were surprised when they were caught.
lightpollution lightpollution 8 years
Adding it to my list of books to read!
janneth janneth 8 years
It sounds really interesting.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
Lukin I agree, it was an excellent book.
Lukin Lukin 8 years
This book was fascinating, and it's one of my favorites. (Which is weird to say about a book about a serial killer, but I do really enjoy learning about true crime.)
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