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"From all I'd read and heard about her, Jacqueline Kennedy seemed coquettish and sensual but not particularly sexual. If anything, I pictured her as more voyeur than player. But that wasn't the case. She kept waiting for me to try to get her into bed. When I failed to make a move, she took matters into her own hands and popped the magic question. 'Would you like to spend the night?' And I said, 'I thought you'd never ask.'"

In a deleted passage from a draft of Marlon Brando's 1994 biography, the actor describes how Jacqueline Kennedy seduced him in 1964. Wow! The excerpt is included in the upcoming book Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, but the book does not center on Jackie's love for Brando — oh no, it's much more salacious than that. The latest work from longtime Kennedy biographer C. David Heymann chronicles a purported love affair between Jackie and her late husband's brother Robert F. Kennedy, an affair that is supposed to have occurred after the assassination of JFK.

I have to say that even decades later, a book about the sex lives of 20th-century icons sounds delightfully steamy!

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