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Book of the Day: How To Spot A Bastard By His Star Sign

The thing I love about How To Spot A Bastard By His Star Sign (besides the fact that it's hilarious) is that the authors just assume all men are bastards from the get-go. It's not like they're saying, Cancers are sweet and Scorpios are bastards. (Obvs, it's tongue-in-cheek.) If you follow astrology, it's also quite "accurate." Sample: "The Virgo bastard combines the vivaciousness of a reading lamp and the generosity of Scrooge (pre-ghostly visits) with the social graces of a serial killer. If you're looking for a man no other woman will ever want to steal, you've finally found him." Hahaha! (True story: I was reading this in a bookstore and laughing my ass off. This dude tried to strike up a conversation with me by saying, "Whatever that is you're reading--it must be funny." The look on his face when I showed him the title was priceless...)

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