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Liberty's Little Democrats books caused quite a stir this week , so I just had to go on a search for the teeny-tiny littlest Red State version. Now I'm not going to lie, kids book or no, it's not . . . easy reading? The book's called Why Daddy Is a Republican. And well, it's not exactly the reasons my parents told me when I was little. To wit (or the opposite of wit?):

"Republicans believe in you, just like Daddy does."
"Republicans stop bullies from hurting you, just like Daddy does."

So why was the book written? According to the website, "the hope is that parents can use Why Daddy Is a Republican to help explain to their children why they are Republicans and why the Republican Party is the party of strength, values, and valor."

I suppose even the very notion of a two-party system is divisive, but I can't help but think that talking to kids about politics might be better for our country without an us-versus-them relationship? I'd love to teach kids that there's a reason behind Daddy's beliefs without implying the opposite is true for those who think differently. What do you think?

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