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What does it say about the future of the human race when people would rather give up sex for a year than go without a cell phone for the same amount of time? I guess it means that technological communication is truly becoming more important than old-fashioned face-to-face interaction, even the type of face-to-face interaction that involves having sex. Come on, people! What good is a booty call without the booty? Is sexting really better than sex?

In a survey sponsored by none other than Samsung Mobile, 31 percent of adults in Boston said they would rather give up sex for a year than go without cell phones for a year. Apparently, relying on email, hard-to-find pay phones, and immobile landlines is much more burdensome than forgoing sex.

Considering that I know people who literally sleep with their BlackBerrys, I suppose I'm not really that shocked by these results.

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