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Boyfriend and His Sister Are Too Close For Comfort

This post comes from Group Therapy in our TrèsSugar Community. Feel free to add your advice in the comments!

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years. He is in his early 30s and has a sister who is a year or two older than he is. She is married and lives in another city.

Here is the issue — they are too close for comfort. I'm not overreacting about this. They talk every day for at least 30-45 minutes. They email daily and text daily. Not one or the other but all of the above. He considers her his best friend and tells her everything. Personal stuff about our relationship and things he doesn't even tell me. He shares funny emails with her and news with her but neglects to share the same things with me. It kills me because he has her on a pedestal. If she likes a movie, he automatically likes the same movie. If she finds a band and introduces him to it, he automatically likes that band. He constantly tells me about their "connection."


But here I am. I am an only child. No siblings. And in my eyes (assuming we were to ever get married) I should take precedence. I should be his best friend. He should share everything with me. And he should pull off his sister's tit. I don't want him to stop talking to his sister. I am not that cruel. But he needs to get over her. Be her brother but pull back a bit.

Am I wrong? This is the one thing that would prevent me from ever marrying him. I can't share my boyfriend, fiance, or husband with his sister. Our relationship should be a true relationship.

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