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Boyfriend Planning to Cheat on Me

"My Boyfriend Is Planning to Cheat on Me"

We're happy to present this story from one of our favorite sites, Fox News Magazine. Today, Diana Falzone, whose work has been published in the textbook Sexuality Education, answers a woman's relationship question.

Diana Falzone is a contributor. Her work has been published in the textbook "Sexuality Education" which is distributed in universities across North America.

Dear Diana,

I think my boyfriend wants to cheat on me, if he hasn't already. We have been together for three years, and I've never had a reason not to trust him until recently. He left his laptop open and I saw he was on a dating site. He even has a profile pic up that I took of him when we were in Vegas together. I keep acting weird around him now. He asks me what's up, but I'm afraid if I say anything, the situation will become real and ruin our relationship. I don't understand why he is doing this. Please help me.


Hi Mary,

First of all, I'm sorry you are going through this. However, you cannot ignore the fact your boyfriend is on a dating site. Unless he's a covert spy (which is highly unlikely), he is seeking, at the very least, attention from other women. There may be a multitude of reasons for his actions, yet you must confront him.

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I recommend that you set aside a time when you can have a lengthy discussion. Prior to your talk with your boyfriend, think about what you will do should he say he has cheated, or wants to. Are you willing to leave him? Would you want to try and work on the issues he is dealing with? Having a plan will give you more strength to do what is best for you.

Should he say he wants to be with other women, do not take it as a personal insult. Obviously, he is going through something, and to take the blame for his bad behavior would be extremely unfair to you. He has disrespected you, your relationship, and himself with his actions. Please find the strength to love yourself first and foremost. Sometimes, it's better to walk away than let someone walk all over you.

All the best,

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