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"My Boyfriend Texts Females A LOT!"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I have been dating this guy for seven months now. We have been living together since we met (long story). He does not have a car so he isn't able to get anywhere without my help so I know he isn't physically cheating on me BUT he has females that he texts and online chats with A LOT! Last night, he was texting a woman he went to high school with for over FOUR hours while I laid next to him in the bed wanting to spend some intimate time together. I am a VERY jealous woman and I know I need to back off with how much I crawl up his butt about other women but I feel this is excessive especially since 15 years ago he cheated on his gf at the time with this high school friend who he just got back into contact with. He says I am too jealous and need to trust him but I don't see what they have to talk about for that long three days in a row. This whole thing is making me sick and I feel like giving up the relationship because he is not willing to bend with me on this at all. I also am not allowed to see his messages b/c I have invaded his privacy several times before by looking in his phone. So he says there is nothing on there that is not appropriate but he feels I have broken that trust too many times before and therefore need to just trust him and not see the actual messages.

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