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Group Therapy: My Boyfriend Suggested I Get a Nose Job

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

So my BF is very loving and always compliments me about what I wear, about my body, my hair, my skin, eyes and etc . . .

but the other day, he told me that If I had a nose surgery, I would look like wow! I said I'm not getting a surgery ever and I am fine with the way my nose looks (which is a lie! I know and everybody knows my nose does not look very great! But I was serious about the surgery because I think it ruins all the natural things about one's face.)


So I told him that he is shallow. He became very apologetic and told me that I am so beautiful and already look like a celebrity, it's just it is such a shame that the only imperfection about me should be the nose, but he said he will not mention it again and he loves me the way I am.

But the thing is, I am not a tall girl, and I know my BF likes tall girls, and although I look very athletic and am very confident about my body and he always tells me he loves my body, but when we go to beach I can't help but wonder if he's thinking about all the tall girls with their long legs. He is very handsome and I think he can have whoever he wants.

And now this stupid nose thing has to add up to the rest of my worries? And we are only eight months into this relationship.

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