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Boyfriend Not Who I Thought He Was

"My Boyfriend Is Not Who I Thought He Would Be"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I've had a boyfriend for almost three months now, and I just can't stand him these days. It's like I'm realizing who he really is, and it's quite deceiving. He says he loves me and is very affectionate but doesn't act like he cares about me at all. He always puts his friends and social events first, he doesn't take me out to dinner or a movie, he just always invites me to his place.

I am leaving for three weeks to go to Europe in two days and we've barely seen each other because he preferred partying with his guy friends. It was my birthday on Tuesday and he didn't even wish me a happy birthday or buy me a gift. He said happy birhtday a day late when I finally saw him. After having sex. He also smokes a lot of pot with his friends, which makes him distant and completely disconnected from reality when I see him after he's been up partying all night. We're just so different and I keep feeling abandoned and rejected by him. He really doesn't treat me like the girl he loves, and barely like his girlfriend. I don't know what to think anymore and I feel like I can't stand it much longer. Thoughts?

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