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Boyfriends Watch Girlfriends Getting Catcalled

Watch What Happens When Guys See Their Own Girlfriends Get Catcalled

Most women have experienced some degree of catcalling, with one woman actually getting harassed 100 times in a day. What's more frustrating, however, is when a woman is with another man, the random street comments suddenly seem to stop. In an effort to make all men more aware of how women are treated on the streets, several guys watched secret footage showing their own girlfriends getting catcalled on the streets.

The boyfriends' reactions range from anger to disgust, with one boyfriend saying, "You're someone's daughter, someone's sister; I'm sure if someone did it to their mother or cousin, they wouldn't appreciate it." He makes a valid point. While these ladies are with caring and considerate men, we can't say the same about the men on the streets.

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