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Boys Aren't Better at Math, Naturally

Boys Aren't Better at Math, Naturally

Differences in math performance among girls and boys has little to do with the natural abilities of the sexes; it's all about culture. While this finding isn't shocking to a girl who's felt just as smart as her male classmates (or a girl who's struggled alongside some boys for that matter), a new study officially debunks the myth that boys are innately better at math.

The study looked at various countries around the world, and compared math performances with respective gender inequality ratings (which are based on economic opportunity, educational attainment, and other socioeconomic factors). The results revealed that male dominance in math was not universal, and that countries with greater gender inequality also had a greater gap between male and female performance in math.

So how did the US compare? American girls enjoy relatively high gender equality and, on average, do as well as boys on standardized math tests.

It looks like the numbers don't support the outdated sexist stereotype that boys are better at math.


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