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Brace Yourself For A Stellar Smile

Dear Sugar,
I just got braces, and I want to look stylish with them - but how can I manage to look cool without looking like a total geek? Brace Face Grace

To see DEARSUGAR's answer

Dear Brace Face Grace
Millions of teens wear braces, and believe it or not, some who don't wear them, actually wish they could! I'll bet you never would have thought that! Braces aren't exactly fun, but they are worth it. Just think, someday, the only traces of your braces will be a stellar smile.

Brace yourself for a teensy weensy bit of an awkward phase. Just like when you are growing out bangs, you don't feel like you look like your best self, but as the saying goes..."This too shall pass." I had braces for three whole years (if you can imagine) but now it was well worth the wait and now my teeth look straight and great.

No one ever has ever claimed that looking beautiful comes without a cost. The key is to wear them with confidence. If Prince Harry and Tom Cruise can do it and still manage to look smokin' hot, so can you.

Metal braces are still used, but try and talk to your orthodontist about your options. Today braces are available in the same color as your teeth, in clear and there are even braces that can be fitted behind your teeth where no one can see them.

If you do wind up with the conventional kind, think of wearing them as you would any accessory. Try changing up the rubber band colors for each season or to fit your mood.

(she calls herself "Skittle Face")

Check out what some of your peers have to say about post braces results:

"When I looked in the mirror after my braces were taken off, I was shocked yet happy how my teeth turned out. I remember when my teeth were very crooked before braces. After these amazing results, my teeth and I are both happy." - Alexander

"Having braces wasn't so bad and getting them off was pain-free. My teeth look awesome now and I am so happy that I got braces!" - Ashley

"At first I was scared but you can see the changes over time. It was really cool. Even when you thing there's no hope, braces are like miracle works. And when they're off you see what beautiful smile you have."- Tanna

Click here for a laundry list of celebs who wore braces.

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Mandygirl22 Mandygirl22 10 years
I had braces for 2.5 years. I know they hurt but you will be so happy when you get them off. You should wear darker rubber makes your teeth look whiter. Never ever get yellow or brown...that looks so nasty!
figmentbml figmentbml 10 years
christmas freshman*** year
figmentbml figmentbml 10 years
before i got braces, i had to get 4 teeth pulled. so that was fun. my actual braces went on the first week of high school, so people didn't even realize that I just got them. I just remember the pain the next after they were tightened. I hated my teeth before braces and now they look normal. (yay!) I managed to only have them on for a year and half. But I always wore those stupid rubberbands when I was supposed to. the only crappy thing was... is that for christmas senior year i had to get glasses. now THAT was traumatizing! i cried so much and begged my parents for contacts. since then... i realize that TONS of people wear contacts. who knew?
yayita yayita 10 years
hahaha I think if he drops out of scientology it will cease to exist
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
LMAO Yaya oh yes I love his smile soo much I want to gouge my other eye out
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 10 years
Why did Prince Harry get braces when Prince William clearly needed them more?
yayita yayita 10 years
LOL, do you lik ehim better with braces?
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
I could have went all year with out seeing toms crazy mug
yayita yayita 10 years
Get some grillz LOL
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
I've never had braces before but I wish I had because as I got older (I'm 23) my teeth started getting more crooked. I think getting braces is so common no one looks like a geek wearing them...
Starbrite Starbrite 10 years
When I was 10-12 I had glasses and braces, and although it was hard but I don't really remember being made fun of. I had my o-rings changed all the time with Christmas colors or my school colors. Just think of how nice your teeth will be when you get them off.
Toronado Toronado 10 years
I never had braces. For some strange reason my teeth came in remarkably straight. Having said that, I really don't find braces all that bad. I would certainly never mock anyone who wears them. That's just stupid. Besides, I had my fair share of cavities, stemming from a life-long love of chocolate. I once had four of them, all on the bottom, filled...two on each side. My entire jaw was numb. For the whole day my face felt like it ended just below my nose. And of course, because I couldn't feel one damn thing, I wasn't aware of the fact that, since we went to the mall after my two-hour filling marathon, I was standing there drooling like a Saint Bernard. Some large framed art was on display on the floor infront of me; after a few moments I looked down at them, one of which was literally slathered with my hork. I gave the store a quick once-over to see if anyone had been watching...then high-tailed it the hell outta there. Come on. I was nine years-old, for God's sake.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 10 years
I've had braces for the last five years (I'm in my mid-teens) and I've found that by making your eyes dramatic but natural, light blush that makes you look like you just took a little jog, and a clear glosss takes the attention straight away from them. Just accentuate other areas of your face, and the world won't even notice.
Scribe85 Scribe85 10 years
I agree that many of your peers think braces are cool, some will tell you this, some will keep it secret. You are very fortunate that your parents love you so much that they are paying for your teeth to be straightened. Braces are quite expensive, and your mouth will be beautiful when you are all done. That said! Have you considered taking the focus off of your mouth and putting it on your eyes and hair? Are you old enough to wear make-up? Can you get a fabulous haircut? Wear amazing blouses? Fabulous necklaces? Gorgeous earrings?
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
If you can afford it, there's also Invisalign. It's like clear plastic molds of your teeth that you wear, and they slowly shove everything into place the same way as braces.
kylake kylake 10 years
You are so lucky! I had braces for 2.5 years and got the colors changed every month when I went in for my tightening. One word of caution: avoid red, people will call you Vampira.
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