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Brace Yourself For A Stellar Smile

Dear Sugar,
I just got braces, and I want to look stylish with them - but how can I manage to look cool without looking like a total geek? Brace Face Grace

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Dear Brace Face Grace
Millions of teens wear braces, and believe it or not, some who don't wear them, actually wish they could! I'll bet you never would have thought that! Braces aren't exactly fun, but they are worth it. Just think, someday, the only traces of your braces will be a stellar smile.

Brace yourself for a teensy weensy bit of an awkward phase. Just like when you are growing out bangs, you don't feel like you look like your best self, but as the saying goes..."This too shall pass." I had braces for three whole years (if you can imagine) but now it was well worth the wait and now my teeth look straight and great.

No one ever has ever claimed that looking beautiful comes without a cost. The key is to wear them with confidence. If Prince Harry and Tom Cruise can do it and still manage to look smokin' hot, so can you.

Metal braces are still used, but try and talk to your orthodontist about your options. Today braces are available in the same color as your teeth, in clear and there are even braces that can be fitted behind your teeth where no one can see them.

If you do wind up with the conventional kind, think of wearing them as you would any accessory. Try changing up the rubber band colors for each season or to fit your mood.

(she calls herself "Skittle Face")

Check out what some of your peers have to say about post braces results:

"When I looked in the mirror after my braces were taken off, I was shocked yet happy how my teeth turned out. I remember when my teeth were very crooked before braces. After these amazing results, my teeth and I are both happy." - Alexander

"Having braces wasn't so bad and getting them off was pain-free. My teeth look awesome now and I am so happy that I got braces!" - Ashley

"At first I was scared but you can see the changes over time. It was really cool. Even when you thing there's no hope, braces are like miracle works. And when they're off you see what beautiful smile you have."- Tanna

Click here for a laundry list of celebs who wore braces.

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