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French Study Finds Bras Lead to Saggy Boobs

Time to burn your bras? A 15-year study out of France has found bras do not help with back pain and can even lead to saggy breasts over time. "Bras are a false necessity," says researcher Jean-Denis Rouillon, who monitored the breasts of 330 women over 15 years and found little support for the assumed benefits of a bra. The findings suggest that bras prevent natural growth of breast tissue and in a way make our breasts lazy. When the women in the study ditched their bras, they gained a 7-mm lift each year on average. Do these findings intrigue you?

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Sebs14401697 Sebs14401697 4 years
I'd be very very weary about this one as the people who they used for their subjects were all relatively tall, slim, smaller breasted caucasian women. They also said that because of these reasons, ditching the bra is not recommended still, seeing as the whole thing is still inconclusive. A PROPERLY fitting bra can promote 'firmer' breasts as well. I suspect the biggest problem here is IMPROPERLY fitting bras that are sitting poorly and pinching breast tissue. If not wearing bras were the cure to sagging breasts, I'm sure that the women in places that don't wear bras anyway (like in much of the continent Africa) should have much higher breasts.
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