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What Wedding Disasters Have You Witnessed?

Missing grooms? Runaway brides? Drunken bridesmaids? Wedding disasters are the plot of every rom-com that utters "I do." Most so-called disasters in real life are mere faux pas, but one bride found herself at the center of attention when a brawl broke out her reception, and police were called to the scene.

Not only was a blast of pepper spray ineffective at dispersing guests, but it also caused them to turn on the cops, ending with the bride, an officer, and her arrest. Let's just say, it was her big day but for all the wrong reasons.

Most of today's achingly planned weddings lack the spontaneity for crimes and misdemeanors, but no wedding is perfect (even if we're supposed to say it was). So what's the worst thing you've seen on the best day of a couple's life?

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