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Bride Dresses in T. Rex Costume For First Look

This Bride Dressed in a T. Rex Costume For Her First Look, and It's Priceless

For many couples, the moment in which they take a first look at their future spouse before their wedding is rather emotional. But one legendary bride decided to switch things up and take a more humorous approach. Before their wedding ceremony in North Carolina, Elizabeth and Tom shared the most glorious first-look moment we've ever encountered, and it's practically breaking the internet. It all started when Elizabeth donned her wedding dress but chose to add a prehistoric touch by slipping into a T. rex costume.

Just look at Tom, innocently holding those sunflowers and patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of his beautiful bride.

As soon as Tom saw his dinosaur bride, he embraced her in a giant hug with a side of giggles.

As Elizabeth emerged from the costume, the two couldn't contain their laughter. Honestly, we can't either!

The adorable couple simply couldn't wait until Elizabeth fully removed the costume to share a kiss.

Sure, these photos are cute and giggle-worthy, but just wait until you watch the entire moment captured by wedding videographer Jon Murray. Tom's candid reaction is pure gold when he first sees his dinosaur bride. Watch the video, which has gone utterly viral with more than 2 million views, for a peek at the hilariously epic first look.

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