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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Dear Sugar
I am looking for great bridesmaids' gifts. I have seven girls to shop for, all different in their own way. I want to spend about $50-75 (+/-) a piece and would much rather get them all the same thing. Do you have any suggestions? Group Gifter

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Dear Group Gifter
Bridesmaids gifts are special presents that you will always remember. Remember that when you are taking to retailers be sure and ask them for a bulk price. Not too many people get seven sales at once. Use your bargaining power.

I've gotten many wonderful gifts such as: a Tiffany bud vase, sterling silver bracelets, a lined travel cosmetics bag, solitaire pearl earrings, slippers and hand cream, sandals, travel and beach bags, a silver evening clutch and a pashmina. I have loved each and every gift. Here are some of these ideas in your price range.

On the high end, there's Tiffany's Metropolis Bud Vase for $80.

Everybody loves these comfortable Jack Rogers sandals. They sell for $79 (but you can definitely get a better deal on these). Ask your gals for their shoe sizes and choose a color to match the bridesmaids dress. This way they can change into them at the reception and dance comfortably all night long.

You can also choose a wrap in the same color family as their dresses. This is an especially great gift if you are having an outdoor ceremony.

This medium sized Kate Spade cosmetics case sells for $60.

Lastly, you can give the gift that will last all year. L'Occitane's Hand Cream is to die for! And that little tube will last you all year long. It sells for $25.

Pair it with something else to jazz it up a little. We all got mani's and pedi's together before the wedding and my friend gave us matching slippers. I still wear them and I think it's a great idea. Check out these adorable and warm, winter cutie bootie's that are perfect for a girls night in sleepover party...(and they are only $22).

DeaconP DeaconP 11 years
all these ideas are great ones - but i agree with i heart carter - dont give jewelry. For one of the weddings I was in, the bride gave everyone earrings, a bracelet and a pashmina to match the heinous dress. I didnt have my ears pierced at the time - so she got clip ons made that i HAD TO wear. it was horrible - i got my ears pierced about two weeks after.
e.b e.b 11 years
For my bridesmaids we did a couple things, so you can pick one or do them all.... For the "gift" I got them all a simple pearl necklace with matching pearl earrings. They are classic and can paired with anything, dressed up or down. The idea here was for them to wear them at my wedding. I've seen them wear the pearls a number of times since so it seems like it was a good call. Then my mom and I made "goodie bags" that we passed out. They were Ballard Design bags "Large Monogrammed Tote Bag" that you can find here... ( We go their initials monogrammed on them by the way - not mine and my husbands :-). Inside the bags we put Havaiana flip flops (a color that match bmaid dress) to wear during the reception when their feet got soar, a bottle of nail polish "OPI pinking of you" to consider wearing when we got our mani's and pedi's done, a small photo album, monogrammed terry cloth bathrobes (again with their initials) to wear around the hotel room when we all got ready, a copy of the mixed CD I made to listen to before the walk down the aisle, mini bottle of champagne to drink, jelly belly’s to snack on, and a little personalized note thanking them for spending the time and money and being a part of it all! The girls really loved it and totally appreciated the sentiment. Good luck finding the right gift!
I_heart_Carter I_heart_Carter 11 years
I've received some great gifts that I'm sure would be universally accepted: - Tiffany Toasting Flutes - Monogrammed Beach bag with towel, flip flops to match the BM dress, gossip mags and after-sun cream. - L'occitane powder room set of lotion/soap/bubble bath Not so good: - The jewelry ... I mean ... I don't know, and I don't mean this to offend anyone, but don't you trust me to wear my own earrings? Unless you're really giving jewelry that you'll know I'll wear again, I would just assume set the ground rules for what type of jewelry to wear and then get me a gift I'll really appreciate. I loved my one friend's advice: "You can wear any jewelry you want, just don't look like a gypsy." :) ps - LOVE the pashmina idea!
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
also, maybe it's just me, but i'd rather get a spa gift certificate or a mani+pedi with my friends than get ugly locket with her and her husband's picture inside.
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
get them stuff they'd like. i assume you know these people better than we do. and for the love of all that is good in this world, do not engrave it with your wedding date and hubby's initials. don't put your picture in it. no one is that into you other than...well, you. --from bridesmaid with closet full of unwanted gifts
Starbrite Starbrite 11 years
I just got a sterling silver jewerly box that was engraved with my initals and inside was the jewerly that I was going to wear the next day at the wedding.
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