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harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
No if he tells people NOW that he's going to investigate Bush then it indeed helps with the "I want to see Bush in Jail" vote. There are many other things that need to happen immediately.
stephley stephley 9 years
It would only help him with the "I want to see Bush in Jail" vote if he did it before the election. After the election, it helps him to fix the mess before the new government gets blamed, or before the military loses top people to a war crimes tribunal or an uninspected mine blows up or an inadequately tested but FDA approved drug starts killing children. Liberals don't always think in terms of revenge.
vasanta vasanta 9 years
a potential first lady stealing recipes and claiming them as her own? did she really think nobody would find out?
piper23 piper23 9 years
So he's going to go after Bush AND start withdrawing the troops immediately? Busy busy bee. Where does he get his stamina? The man is just too good to be true... Exactly.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
I think it would be impossible to prove "willful criminality" in the case of Bush and probably of others in his administration, too. I agree with UnDave about this being a politically expedient thing to say for Obama. Trying to build a strong case against Bush would be a waste of time, especially when there are more pressing issues at hand.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
It also gives you the "I want to see Bush in Jail" vote...
stephley stephley 9 years
I think it would be smart to check on whether any crimes had been committed since so much has been called into question - you wouldn't want to build policy on faulty foundations.
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