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Bright and Traditional Virginia Beach Wedding

This Virginia Beach Wedding Is the Stuff of Daydreams

Bright and Traditional Virginia Beach Wedding

You know how people always say that love finds a way? Well, in the case of Garrett and Jessica . . . it really did. The two initially met in college, but their relationship didn't start then. Although they held a mutual liking for each other, it was not until years down the line — even after their respective times in graduate and nursing school — that the two realized there was a reason behind their constant connection to each other. They began to date and effortlessly fell in love (even though they were states away).

Naturally, it was not long until the two were engaged. They celebrated their nuptials upholding familial ties and traditions in more ways than one — the celebration took place in Jessica's hometown of Virginia Beach, VA, on the day of her grandparents' own anniversary. To make the matter all the more adorable, it was Jessica's grandfather who officiated and her grandmother who made and decorated their cake. The whole day had all of the makings of a timeless wedding, and their photos look like they came straight out of a daydream.

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