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Bristol Palin Memoir

3 Things I'd Like to Read in Bristol Palin's Memoir

What can a 20-year-old say in a memoir? Well, Bristol Palin could say a lot. Nobody's expecting I Know Why the Caged Bird Signs, of course, but I'd like to see her, and her ghost writer, be defiantly honest.

The "Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir" listing was removed from Amazon after Political Wire pointed it out yesterday. I doubt that means it's not happening, but merely Bristol and her publisher were planning more pomp and publicity for its announcement. It was up long enough to note the book will be published by the same Harper Collins imprint, William Morrow & Co., as mom Sarah Palin's Going Rogue and America by Heart. So while I'll fear Bristol will take this as an opportunity to promote her — or her mother's — abstinence evangelism, it really would be in nobody's best interest. Especially her own.

She's writing a book to make money, so she'll have to get down and juicy if she wants it to sell. Sure, she may just be a 20-year-old from Alaska, but the last two years of her life have been whirlwind fascinating. Find three things I'd like to hear about below.

  • Hiding pregnancy early on the campaign trail: Sarah Palin didn't introduce herself to America by saying I have four beautiful children, and one is pregnant. The story unraveled after rumors that Sarah's youngest child, Trig, was actually Bristol's. Sarah ended the rumors by igniting another story: Bristol is pregnant now. Since Bristol gave birth in Dec. 2008 and Sarah's statement was made on Sept. 1, 2008, surely the original plan was to keep the pregnancy hush-hush. Soo, just how did that go?
  • Reuniting with Levi, reality show: Remember when Bristol and Levi got back together just long enough for us to write a post on why they might work? This was about the time rumors of a reality show swirled, but before any ink dried the two were done. And this time, it seems, for good. I would like to hear every detail of that soap opera.
  • Dancing With the Stars: She may not have gotten a reality show, but that's probably for the best. Bristol went further than anyone imagined on Dancing With the Stars, and finally seemed to be earning — regardless of how she was cast on the show — at least a modicum of her own fame.

What would entice you to read it?

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