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Sex Games: Bristol Palin Wants You to Pause Before You Play

Teen pregnancy rates are dropping, and Bristol Palin would like to see them fall further. The famous teen mom just cut a PSA for the Candie's Foundation, telling teens to "pause before you play."

Bristol wants teens to know that she has it easy. Being the daughter of a famous ex-politician and current media personality she has connections and glamorous opportunities. But if she was a regular old teen mom, she wouldn't be filming television commercials, but rather she'd be all by herself with a crying baby. I can't help but feel bad for her child. When he grows up will she have to explain why she's paraded him around as a mistake that other teens should avoid? And the message could be seen as classist — if you're rich, you can risk having sex, but if you're not well off, you're screwed. But I'll give Bristol the benefit of the doubt because I think she's just trying to be honest about her advantages.

Her ultimate point is solid, especially for young people who have trouble imagining the consequences of their reckless actions: pause before you play, or think before you have sex. While I know Bristol is pro-abstinence now, the slogan seems to leave room for contraception. Take the time to use a condom, or else you might end up all alone with your crying baby, or worse — as a poster mom for teen pregnancy.

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