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Britain Joins a Draft Treaty on Cluster Munitions

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Britain Joins a Draft Treaty on Cluster Munitions The New York Times reports: The draft of a treaty to ban cluster munitions was adopted by a group of 111 nations on Wednesday in Dublin after Britain dropped its longstanding opposition to any limitations on the weapons. The pact would ban the use, production and sale of cluster munitions. “We have a strong treaty,” said Simon Conway, a former British soldier who is a co-chairman of the Anti-Cluster Campaign, a coalition of more than 200 groups that have worked for a cluster munitions ban. “The treaty will stigmatize the use of cluster munitions, and those countries that have not signed up will not be able to use them.”

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stephley stephley 9 years
So we're making new ones that wouldn't be banned, what is the purpose of holding on to our old stockpile? (The treaty gives a country 8 years to destroy the old ones.) "Cluster munitions is the term used for weapons fired from aircraft and artillery that contain dozens, or even hundreds, of bomblets that can remain active long after the weapon is fired, posing deadly risks to civilians." "The proposed treaty would not ban a new lightweight generation of so-called smart cluster munitions, each carrying fewer than 10 bomblets and designed to self-destruct within a short period after impact, if they have not detonated against a target."
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
The only reason I could see for not backing this ban would be that the countries who are using/producing these kinds of munitions is not going along with the treaty.
stephley stephley 9 years
I don't get the U.S. objection if there are 'better' alternatives, and it's not a real peace-loving group we're lined up with: "the United States has been joined in its outright opposition to the a group of military powers that includes China, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan and Brazil." Human rights groups estimate that one in four of the casualties have been children playing with the unexploded bomblets. Among the presidential contenders, only Senator Barack Obama has supported a ban on cluster munitions.
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