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Budget Valentine's Day Ideas

8 Budget Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day can go from cute to cheesy with one ugly stuffed animal, yet most couples agree they should do something for it. If restaurants are too expensive or too booked and chocolate sounds trite — albeit delicious — here are eight other ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  1. Watch the first movie you saw together: Rent it, download it, whatever. It's nostalgic, charming, and cheap.
  2. Go straight to dessert: If dinner at your choice restaurant is too expensive, go there anyway but only for dessert.
  3. Make a mix: It may be the oldest cheap trick in the book, but a playlist is thoughtful, fun, and free. Try 8tracks and Playlist to create easy — and legal — mixes.
  4. Get thrifty: Head to thrift stores for something only he'll love.
  5. Make a day of it: Feb. 14 is on Sunday this year, so put the emphasis on day instead of night. Play boardgames, order takeout, and stay in bed all day.

Get the final three after the jump.

  1. Surprise him with concert tickets: While this may not be cheap, it's certainly economical. Especially if it's something you'd buy anyway. Plus, you get two exciting nights out of it!
  2. Send a Someecard: Never feel obligated to be earnest with Hallmark when there's Someecards! Might I recommend this?
  3. Make his favorite treat: Whether it's chocolate chip cookies or homemade potato chips, he'll love every bite of it.

What will you do to say I love, like, or will continue tolerating you?

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pink-elephant pink-elephant 7 years
We do this kind of stuff all the time anyway, but Valentines is just when I throw in a little extra excuse to do it, this year I already made him a mix of just his favorite songs and I wrote a note to go along with it, nothing I haven't done a billion times before though.
filmgirl81 filmgirl81 7 years
we do this stuff for each other on a regular basis, which is yet another reason I'm anti-Valentine's Day
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