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Study: Majority of Girls Face Sexually Charged Bullying

Kids dubbing a girl a "slut" is overheard far too often across the nation. And it's not just high school or college girls we're talking about here. Middle school tween bullies commonly label girls they don't like or are mad at as "sluts." The American Association of University Women released a study this month that found 56 percent of the middle and high school girls surveyed were sexually harassed in the past school year. And most of the time, these girls are not even sexually active.

One psychologist, Maureen McHugh of Indiana University, explains that as girls experiment with more grown-up fashion and makeup choices, their peer cans brutally police them: "There's monitoring of people wearing too much makeup or dressing too provocatively, so it's a weird fine line." And the sexual harassment doesn't end with the "slut-bashing." According to a 2010 study, students who are gay are bullied three times as much as heterosexual kids.

With all of the "slut walks" and grassroots movements taking place across the country to educate people on alternative lifestyles, and an attempt to reclaim the word "slut" itself, this research seems to suggest kids aren't getting the sex-positive message. I'm curious; did you ever experience these types of taunts?

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Sweet-Melissa-111 Sweet-Melissa-111 5 years
While I definitely did not make it out of the schoolyard "unscathed", none of the teasing directed at me was sexual in nature.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years
Yes, 100% I did, from two girls I considered to be my best friends. My high school boyfriend bought me a vibrator, and I told my two virgin 'friends' about it. I don't know if they were jealous that I was sexually active, or jealous because I was thinner and more stylish than them, or if they really believed what they were saying, but they spread it around the whole school and nicknamed me DDQ (dirty dildo queen). It was very hurtful, and I agree Gabriella that having boys around probably makes a lot of difference.
amber512 amber512 5 years
While I was picked on (a LOT) growing up, it was never about anything sexual. Unless developing early counts, but I wasn't called sexual names for it. Just accused of stuffing.
Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine 5 years
I guess I'm fortunate to have gone to an all-girls school where bullying was absolutely never tolerated by the teachers or administration. I think having boys around really changes girls' attitudes towards each other.
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