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Bush Daughters Cement Their Legacy as Likable

I've always had a soft spot for first-twins Jenna and Barbara Bush. It's got to be hard growing up under so much scrutiny, but they seem warmhearted and never resentful of the American people. People magazine interviewed Jenna and Barbara about the past eight years, and about what's next for their family. Here are some highlights.

  • Jenna on how her dad has changed: Eight years ago, my dad was a very popular Texas governor. And I think in Texas, he was able to get a lot done because he was friends with Democrats and Republicans — Democrats supported him. So he was — we were very optimistic. I think maybe I was a little naive about how people would treat him. But he's never wavered in his decisions and he's the same as he was when we were little, his ethics. So that's something to be proud of in itself. . . . He looks a little bit older, obviously. He's been under a lot of stress, so we're ready for him to go back to Texas and be warmly received, I'm sure.
  • Barbara on advice for the Obama girls: We gave them a tour. We were here when we were seven, which is Sasha's age, when our grandfather was president, and so we know how fun it was to be that age in this house. And so we showed them our little secret, fun places.
  • Jenna on the Obama girls: [T]hey're a lot younger than we are, cuter than we are — all younger and cuter. We're old news.


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