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CDC Wedding Survival Guide

CDC Creates Wedding Survival Guide: This is Not a Test

We're happy to present this article from our partner site Shine:

First, they issued warnings about a Zombie Apocalypse. Now, in the event Bridezilla is threatening to ruin the nuptials, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has posted blog with a Wedding Day Survival Guide under the headings "General," "Natural Disasters," and "Preparedness."

"Being in the throes of wedding season," reads the blog, "many of us here at CDC realized that planning for a wedding isn't that much different from planning for a disaster." Maybe that's why divorce rates are so high? Keep reading this story to see what the CDC recommends.

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Forget "borrowed" and "blue. "The CDC recommends an alternate list of must haves for the bridal kit (in addition to "makeup for touch ups" and "a few sedatives"): A first aid kid, bottles of water, snacks, medications, extra cash, and important documents. To be super safe, a guest or bridesmaid should also have a stock of extra umbrellas and emergency phone numbers handy.


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As if weddings weren't stressful enough, the CDC warns: "We're sure it's just a fluke that wedding season happens to coincide with hurricane season. Ensuring that everything is perfect for the big day requires a great deal of strategy, coordination, and patience….Mother Nature, clashing personalities, and unexpected situations could easily thwart even the best laid plans." It's enough to give the mother of the bride hives.

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In addition to hurricanes, the blog describes a number of other potential disasters, large and small, that could screw up the Big Day including "monster-in-laws," a "clumsy flower girl" with a boo boo, and a "passed out reception guest." They suggest how you can remedy each calamity with essential items found in a home emergency kit developed by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

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The Wedding Day Survival Guide is part of an effort by the CDC to alert people to the need to plan in advance for a disaster. It's estimated that less than one third of Americans have a "go bag" ready in case of emergency. Although the advice can seem a little over-the-top and contrived, jumping from offering a stressed out bride some chocolate to evacuating 200 guests during a tornado, the blog, along with other attention grabbing initiatives, does help bring an organization that some see as being staffed by a bunch of pencil pushing worrywarts into the spotlight. Their Zombie Preparedness page crashed the website the first day it was up, received about 4 million views overall, and was shared 55,000 times on Facebook.

"If we can get people engaged in the topic and get them thinking about building a kit and having a plan," Dave Daigle, an associate director for communications, told ABC News, "We'll be successful." Visitors to the new webpage appear to be responding favorably. "Thanks again, CDC!" writes one fan in the comments. "Keep the fun and great tips coming!"

Do you think the CDC's campaign is smart or silly? Please let us know in the comments below.

— Sarah B. Weir

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Photos by Bryan and Mae via Style Me Pretty

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