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CNN Uses Fake Republican To Slam McCain

CNN Uses Fake Republican to Hit McCain? Real Ones on Road!

In a doom-and-gloom message from CNN today, it seemed like all was lost for the Republican candidate — no young voter was ever going to be inspired by time-tested McCain. Except, it's all a fake! According to a press release, CNN used a phony College Republican to dummy up the story.

The CNN piece quoted Eric Pearlmutter, a supposed College Republican at USC. Pearlmutter said, "We try to get people out to our College Republican meetings, but we can't seem to get the same amount of support." Seems damning — except that the real USC College Republican President Ben Myers says, "I have never met Eric Pearlmutter. I have never seen him at a College Republican meeting. He is not on our membership roster. I don't know why someone would think he speaks for us. As far as I know, he could be a Democrat." Whoa!

Update: According to TruthCaucus, the disputed CNN story was taken down for a period this evening. The name of the source, Eric Pearlmutter, may have been misspelled (the real spelling is possibly Eric Perlmutter-Gumbiner) though even so, Perlmutter isn't listed as an officer of the USC College Republicans. Plus his quote sounds very familiar. . . .

Update II: Interestingly, there seems to be a producer at CNN named Bruce Perlmutter. I wonder if he's related to the source of the quote?

Update III: CNN has admitted the error, via the LA Times saying, “Eric Perlmutter appeared on today’s American Morning segment about young Republicans on college campuses. While he attends USC and says that he is a registered Republican, he was inadvertently identified on-screen as a member of the USC College Republicans organization. We regret that error. We have invited Ben Myers, the president of the USC College Republicans organization, to appear on American Morning at a future time.”

In the meantime, there are real young Republicans on the road, crossing country for McCain. To see their story,


Want proof that young people are excited about McCain? A group of four intrepid college Repubs are on the ultimate road trip — swinging across the country, heading coast to coast through 21 states without ever leaving red districts. Their mission is called Where Is the Red?, and it's pulling out all the stops to answer that question — honestly.

Knowing that the youth vote will play a pivotal vote in this election, the GOP road-trippers are volunteering for campaigns, inspiring College Republicans, and signing up voters. You can follow their every move through photos, videos, and their blog — not to mention the Google Map/GPS feature that shows exactly where the real young Republicans are — even if it's not on CNN.


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