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Can I Invite Girls to my Bachelorette Party that are not invited to the Wedding?

Dear Sugar,
I am sending out invitations to my bachelorette party and it just occurred to me that I am inviting girls that are not invited to my wedding. Is that considered poor etiquette? -- Clueless Cameron

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Dear Clueless Cameron--

I am glad you wrote to me before you sent off those invites! The bachelorette party, just like any engagement party or wedding shower leading up to the big day, is meant for guests whom you intend to invite to your wedding. Since the bachelorette party is typically the last event before your wedding, I do think it would be considered poor etiquette to invite people who are not welcome at your wedding.

At the bachelorette party, there will be a lot of conversation about the wedding that is bound to make uninvited guests feel uncomfortable and left out. It is perfectly acceptable to invite girls who are not in your wedding party, and while this decision is completely discretionary, I would lean against opening the invitation to those not going to your wedding. While you might feel the more the merrier, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! Congratulations and have fun!


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