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Dear Sugar
Steve is my best friend. His girlfriend of over two and a half years has just dumped him and she's completely broken his heart. What stinks is that I've grown really close to her and now I feel like I have to choose one of them to remain friendly with.

I am 100% on "Team Steve," but I have to admit that I sort of miss her. I wrote her an e-mail saying that if she can't stop treating my best friend like dirt, I just couldn't talk to her anymore. Along with that dilemma, it seems Steve won't give up on trying to win her back.

Everyone else can tell that she's over him except for him and he's always calling me and asking for ideas on how to win her back. I constantly tell him that he can do better, but he just won't listen! What can I say to my friend to help him get over her and how can I deal with my own feelings about missing this girl? In The Middle Maria

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Dear In the Middle Maria
Poor Steve, he's not ready to let go. But it sounds like you aren't either. It's nice that you've formed a friendship with her, but I'll bet it's hard to think of ways to tell Steve to move on when you miss her yourself. Since you've already expressed your feeling for her over email, now you have to wait and see how she responds to you.

I know that you'd like to remain friends with her, but wait and see how she acts toward you now that Steve is out of the picture. In the meantime, be strong with Steve. He needs a true friend to tell him how wrong she is for him. It may not be easy to convince him to get over her, but don't give up. They don't call it tough love for nuthin'.

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