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Can Sex Cause a Yeast Infection? Yes and No

If you've ever had a yeast infection, you know that it's not something you want to go through again. The good news is that you can do a lot to keep the healthy bacteria below your waist at a normal level, like wearing cotton undies, loose fitting pants, and avoiding douching altogether.

Staying dry down there is crucial in order to avoid the annoyance of a yeast infection, but that can be tough if you're a sexually active person. Natural lubrication that your body makes isn't going to affect your lady business, but if you use a personal lubricant that contains glycerin, for many women, that's a yeast infection waiting to happen, so make sure your lube is glycerin-free! Also, if you don't use condoms and your man does his business inside of you, make sure to use the bathroom after sex to help release some of the semen.

There's something else to think about when it comes to sex and yeast infections so


Hormonal birth control can cause yeast infections for some women, so if you're prone, try Monophasic birth control, where the same dosage is delivered daily, which can help curb an infection. If that doesn't work, you may benefit from experimenting with other forms of BC until you find the right one for your body. Another thing to note is that pregnancy can cause a yeast infection. Now I'm not saying having an infection means you're preggers, but it could be one of the early signs.


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No-Invites2658904 No-Invites2658904 5 years
 @franklovesfl  I can understand where she is coming from, i use to get them at least 2 times a month every month and couldnt understand why....i talked to my OB and she said that caffeine, spaghetti sauce and beer will cause them if you drink them on a regular basis....any type of perfumed stuff like fragrance tampons and pads. thongs and g-strings will cause them to, and if you are prone to getting them like i am, all this stuff will cause a yeast infection, i also get them from lubercated condoms, they will dry me up instantly and because of that i get one, eating 1-2 yogurts a day, it puts the natural bacteria into your body thats suppose to be there....antibiotics will also cause them, so if shes on them ask the doc the same day for the medication pill one day cure but dont take it until your antibiotics are done with or it will just come right back, hope this helped
FoxxyMe FoxxyMe 5 years
I have the same problem with my partner and I do not want to offend you in any way, so I have to ask if you are of the same descent or not? Just because we been trying to figure out the cause and it was not successful, until I mentioned it to a friend of mine. She told me she had the same problems when she was dating a guy that was from the same country as the guy Im dating now. My conclusion is that certain bodies can tolerate certain types of bacteria when others cant. . . but my partner refuses to believe it so we are going to see a doctor about it.
franklovesfl franklovesfl 7 years
My g/f gets a yeast infection 3/4 times that we are active. SHE claims that it's because I'm 'too big' for her (she is 'tiny'). I have heard sugar and starch can cause it. Can ONE NIGHT of erotic foods (white starch, heavy sugar, alcohol) make a difference? I have also heard a co-relation between oral sex (saliva in the vagina) or saliva as a lubricant can cause yeast infections. She SWEARS that this has never happened with previous lovers. What do YOU think?
neckpain neckpain 8 years
ThePerfectScore: If I'm not mistaken, the placebo pill is often just a sugar pill and if we combine that with the fact that excess sugar can be a factor in yeast infections, we may just have a correlation...
Janine22 Janine22 8 years
I have also read that excessive sugar and bleached starches in the diet contributes to yeast infections. I noticed when I reduced my white bread intake and sugar intake I stopped getting them.
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 8 years
For me every time I started my placebo BC pill (either yasmin or yaz) I would get a yeast infection. But as soon as I just skipped taking the placebo pill and did nothing for those days I didn't get the ill-fated infection. I don't know why that happened to me, but it did. Perhaps there was no causation but there sure as hell was correlation.
clarabelle98 clarabelle98 8 years
I know this sounds sort of gross, but years ago I had a kidney infection that actually wound me up in the hospital. As I was leaving, a very kind RN told me that one way to help prevent yeast, bladder and kidney infections is to pee standing up. Men have the benefit of ALWAYS standing, so their bladders empty completely. Because women sit to pee a small amount of urine (Okay, this topic wins for grossest ever!) remains in the bladder which breeds bacteria which in turn can cause the infections. Ever since then, when I take my shower in the morning I pee standing up (And obviously scrub down the shower afterwards) and I have no had a single yeast, bladder or kidney infection since then. I don't know that that's the reason, but I also don't know that it isn't.
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
Eat yogurt and take acidophilus every single day!!
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years (and ick)
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