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Carnie Wilson Talks About Her Weight — Again

She Said It, We Didn't

"If I'm 205 today, that means I am up 70 pounds."

— On Good Morning America, Carnie Wilson angrily disputed The National Enquirer's claim that she's gained 79 pounds, reports Us Magazine.

70 pounds, 79 pounds. . .does it really freaking matter? You probably have a friend who goes on and on about her diet, how much she has to lose, how her ass looks big in those jeans, etc.You put up with it because you love her, but you kinda wish she'd just eat that buttered roll and be done with it. Well, I feel that way about Carnie Wilson and the decade-long saga of her weight gain and then weight loss through gastric bypass surgery. Only, the difference is. . . I don't know her and I'm sick of hearing about it! There was a sweet lull (thank the gods!) when we didn't hear about her stomach and its size — for the record, it was the size of a Coke can — but here we go again! Sheesh, give it a rest. Is this her only career now? Didn't she used to sing?


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