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The Case For Letting Women Into Military Combat Roles

Since 1994, American women have been able to serve in direct combat in air and sea missions, but when it comes to ground operations, they are forbidden to fully participate.

Kelly Martin, an Air Force veteran, penned an op-ed out today on the topic. She maintains that women have the physical strength and mental aptitude to serve on the ground and Kelly also believes that female soldiers offer a strategic advantage. She wrote:

Women military personnel also offer a capability that their male counterparts lack: the ability to interact with Iraqi and Afghan women and girls. The potential for human-intelligence gathering as well as relationship building in more closed cultures cannot be underestimated.

Other countries, like New Zealand, Canada, France, Norway, Israel, and Switzerland, let women serve in combat roles. Do you think it's time that the US lets its women fight along the men, too?

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sparklepants sparklepants 7 years
if a woman wants to fight in combat she should be able to. i don't see what the issue is anymore.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I had a friend who was a nurse in the navy and she was constantly exposed to combat in Iraq when she would be on a "retrieve" mission - to retrieve hurt/fallen soldiers. So I agree that it is all in how you define it.
xxstardust xxstardust 7 years
Anonymous - that'd be quite the double standard, don't you think? I want to do all the same things as the men, but I don't want to be FORCED to do them, like the boys are. If you want to be able to serve as infantry, you have to be willing to accept the draft (which IIRC, is where most of the drafted soldiers would go to).
isabelle315 isabelle315 7 years
Something that a lot of people don't understand is that women already DO serve in combat roles. Even women in jobs relatively unrelated to combat are routinely exposed to danger, since there are no "front lines" - any time you leave a base, you are at risk of roadside bombs and ambushes. Women are permitted to serve as Military Police, and MP units often engage in combat. As a female MP, I did raids of houses in Baghdad and patrolled with Iraqi policemen. Female medics are sometimes assigned to infantry or other combat units, where they experience the same combat as the men they serve with. So, it all comes down to two things: semantics (it makes some politicians and people feel better to say women aren't "allowed" in combat roles) and the integration of infantry and armor (tanks) units, which are pretty much the only all-male units left.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Interesting, I didn't know that. If a woman is able to complete the training, why not?
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