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Politico knows! And I approve, so let's discuss. Believe it or not, the president watches more than Hillary Clinton speeches. He loves HBO. His favorites? Entourage and the best drug drama ever to be set in Baltimore, The Wire.

It's hard to imagine our president of PC laughing at Entourage's agent-to-the-stars Ari Gold making racist and homophobic quips to his gay, Asian assistant Lloyd, but we're going to assume he does. After all, the duo's repartee — along with Ari's even-more-undermining apologies — are what elevate the show to a comedy and stop it (short) from drowning as a self-indulgent love letter written by and for the entertainment industry. Mostly, anyway.

Maybe the president loves the idea of a poor, good-looking guy making it big? Whatever it is, it surely couldn't hurt that Ari Gold's character was inspired by real-life agent Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff.

To see what else he watches,


He loves The Wire, and anyone who's suffered valiantly through the first season (I recommend subtitles) knows a prize of a show awaits. His favorite character? Omar. Gay as the day is long, Omar is a Robin Hood figure who robs drug dealers. The words "Omar's coming" sends people hiding into apartments while he strolls through the projects, two-foot-long shotgun in hand, whistling "The Farmer in the Dell." President Obama made it clear that he doesn't approve of the character but finds him fascinating. Whatever, he has to say that; Omar is why you watch The Wire.

And then there's some mention about sports, sports, and more sports. Blah, blah, and more blah. He rarely watches the news and never watches his speeches, preferring to let friends and advisers tell him how he did.

Plus, Obama's so modern and savvy and what a Princeton history professor calls "cool" that he loves the Internet! Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, "Sometimes we’ll show him like a YouTube clip or something off a website itself, and he gets a kick out of that.” Us too, Robert, us too.


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