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Casual Sex Survey Infograph

Infograph: Single Women and Casual Sex

The results of the TrèsSugar/SELF Magazine casual sex survey are in! We asked 2,000 single women what they think about no-strings-attached sex and found that most women have had casual sex at least once in their lifetime. We were also surprised to discover almost half of women don't use a condom every time they have sex outside a relationship. In addition to taking an in-depth look at our research, we've summed up the most insightful results in this one-sheet infograph. Check it out and tell us what surprises you in the comments!

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DavidAD DavidAD 6 years
The only % I believe is higher is the one showing number of partners. 5-10 I believe should be around 35-40 % for women. Selective memory
Venus1 Venus1 6 years
I'm not quite sure the definition of casual is quite right. The survey says it is having sexual intercourse outside of a committed relationship". But to my mind there is a huge difference between having sex with someone you have met in a bar to having sex with a friend. I am happy to admit I have done both and enjoyed both but still think there is a huge gulf between the two.
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