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Cat Walk Queen

Dear Sugar
I am currently rehearsing for an upcoming fashion show in my hometown. Do you have any tips to help make me look like a confident pro when I walk down the runway? Cat Walk Catie

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Dear Cat Walk Catie
Congrats on the show. Learning how to walk like a super model takes lots of practice so hopefully these tips will help you get runway ready.

  • Master your walk. Although top models make walking in four and a half inch stilettos look easy, not everyone can pull it off. If you are not comfortable in heels, practice with a thicker heel, or a lower kitten heel (pictured) and gradually increase the height and decrease the thickness once you get the hang of it.
  • Train your foot to walk ball heel and one foot literally in front of the other. Lift your leg high enough to bend your leg, but not too high that you are leaping forward. There is no perfect walk so try to make yourself stand out and get noticed. Don't be afraid to work it down the cat walk.
  • Practice your posture. Push your shoulders back and your pelvis out. Although you might feel like you are showing off your breasts, this is the way models walk.
  • Keep your focus straight ahead and try to pretend you don't have an audience. Try to have a monotone look, but remember to have fun

I hope this information helps. Another good tip is to watch old fashion shows and learn from the pros. Do whatever gets you pumped up before the show and remember, your inner confidence will shine through once you hit the stage.

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