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Definition: Caucus

Usually grouped together with presidential primaries, a caucus, refers mostly to the method of voting. Most famous are the Iowa caucuses, where small groups of like-minded people — the caucus — assemble to air opinions and reach a consensus. In the case of Iowa democrats, that consensus is reached by forming groups of supporters for each candidate and public discussion. Republicans caucus by what they call a "straw vote," which mimics a more traditional ballot-style election. Whether a state elects delegates by caucus or primary and what the delegates do with those results at the convention also varies by state, but the outcome is a party's candidate, officially named at the convention.


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rivrchild rivrchild 9 years
Gerrymandering! I remember that one! But I still wonder what I did in 6th grade Civics class - Why is it allowed? Always seems like cheating to me.
CitizenSugar CitizenSugar 9 years
Ooh, kitkatherine, it's Gerrymandering! That's one of my favorites :) It means redrawing electoral district boundaries to affect the outcome of an election. Instead of straight lines, they squiggle around so a district can skip areas that would make an election head one way or the other.
kitkatherine kitkatherine 9 years
there is a part of me that wants to move their because they seem so awesome! in alice wonderland the dodo held a caucus.. that's how i knew... plus my ap government class, i liked that word, so i remembered it. can't still remember what the word that sounds like salamandering means!
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 9 years
Awesome! My mother-in-law and I were just speaking on this the other day when we were watching coverage on the news. Neither of us were entirely sure what the word meant. Sugar is so sweet. :highfive:
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