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This or That: Caught by Your Mother-in-Law or Your Boss?

Out on a Sunday afternoon stroll and shopping trip with a friend, you find yourself complaining about the stress you’re having at work and the issues you and your husband are having with your monster-in-law. You guys are having a good laugh — you're giving your best impressions, even mimicking your boss's constant hand motions. But just as you're exiting a store, your mood turns from jovial to terrified. Would it be worse if …

This: Your mother-in-law appears with pursed lips right in front of you? She starts to make small talk, but her expression makes it clear that she heard every word; this will make the weekly dinners far worse than usual.

Or …

That: Your boss comes up from behind you with her arms crossed and a stern look on her face? When you say hello, she gives a nod and says that she looks forward to seeing you in her office on Monday morning.


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